Our Innovation and Creative Use of Timber

Are you renovating your home? If so, perhaps we can help you carry the story of the build long into the future with a custom made table or benchtop for your new kitchen or deck made from the original demolition timbers of your home. It will be a talking piece for years to come.

We have been working with timber both old and new for many years and over that time we have become very fond of it. It is exciting to see a piece of wood and think of how it can be used or what can be made from it.

Sometimes it can be very productive and rewarding work as the following examples show!

Container Pallet to Outdoor Entertainment Table

Nothing here but a big pallet needing to be dumped!

We thought it had potential.

Loaded for transport; it had to be cut into 3 pieces as it was 12 metres long and 940kg.

After hours removing the top boards and some metal fabrication magic in the workshop we produced what you see below, a 2920x1140 outdoor entertainment table.

Not Scrap Timber!

You might throw this out ... We wish you wouldn't!

    After de-nailing, cleaning and machining

    Assembly of Top

    Assembly of hood boarder

The Finished Product
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We see beyond the rough and weather exterior and see the potential beneath.