Our Profiles

Geoff Taylor

I started my trade (a little latter then most) as a Joinery/Wood Machinist for a well established and reputable joinery firm in Brisbane in 1994. Starting out as the greenhorn apprentice I quickly and eagerly learnt the art of working with solid timber. I looked past my peers in the workshop and sort to be trained by the highly skilled and experienced senior machinists who honed my skills as a joiner and broadened my appreciation and deepened my understanding and knowledge of the timbers I worked with.

In time I became the senior machinist in the workshop who was responsible for passing on these same skills and appreciation for a trade that sadly due to cheap and mass produced imported products is becoming a dying art.

Furniture Cabinet Maker Brisbane

Not being satisfied with the production side of the trade only, I have also spent a number of years as an estimator, consultant and designer. Liaising with clients, builders, architects and interior designers to produce joinery and furniture of the highest standard possible. In more recent years I have worked extensively with recycled hardwoods and exotic timbers for the manufacture of custom joinery and furniture.

I have developed a great passion for the timbers I work with and select for any and every job I produced for my clients, always endeavouring to reveal and highlight the beauty, grain and personality of every stick of timber I use. Be it beautiful exotics, recycled hardwoods or rustic natural timbers I treat every piece as an individual entity. I have also developed a passion in incorporating other natural elements such as stone, bamboo, shell and animal hide plus man made elements including glass, steel and polished concrete into my furniture and joinery creations. I am a big believer that every piece of furniture should invoke an emotion or tell a story and that we are only limited by imagination, so with the combined passion, inspiration, imagination and cabinet making skills of my youngest brother we have a strong foundation based on design and ability resulting in a quality product, built to last, that you too will be proud to own and display in your home.


Rod Taylor

I began full time cabinet making in the kitchen industry in 1996. Working for a family business that has been established for more than 30 years. In this time I moved from being the new kid in the workshop right up to managing that medium sized business with a great team of employees under me. Along the way learning all aspects of cabinet assembly, machining and manufacturing - computer software for CNC routers - site measuring & being a workshop foreman then estimator, consultant and designer. Customer satisfaction has always been the focus on what we achieve as it is the customers kitchen not ours.

Although having worked predominantly in the kitchen industry, I have always had a love for natural products - timber and stone. The desire to work hands on has always been close to my heart and over time I have tinkered with these products as a constant hobby.

Furniture Cabinet Maker Sunshine Coast

Being inspired by naturally worn and weathered materials, I am always trying to work these into my one off pieces as there can never be two the same and to me it is the ultimate to have pieces of furniture that there can never be two alike.

Although my cabinet making experience is never far from the picture, I am passionate in creating pieces that push the imagination and highlight the capabilities of the products we use. With the combination of inspiration and abilities with my brother we bring our two worlds of experience together to make our own brand of furniture together, in a style that I'm sure you will appreciate.